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Today’s Mixed Mood!

Sometime there are days in which we do not know what we like to do, neither do we know what we like to wear. We wake up and feel like sleeping in instead of going where we have to go. Well, in the adult life no matter how you feel, you still have to show up to work, to that meeting or whatever the occasion is. So, for today we have chosen a mixed outfit, between casual and serious. Either you are going to work or an event, this is a look totally made up for you. So, make sure to follow us below and shop some new clothes.

Today we will start with a simple black ribbed Tank from Farrow KoKo, which you can wear anywhere and you can shop it below with a very cheap price. Instead of skirts and dresses, we decided to wear jeans today. Laura Boyfriend Denim Jeans are simple and pretty nice and you can simple shop them at Revolve. To not keep it too casual, we have decided to make it a bit classy and wear as an outwear a white Long Double Breasted Blazer from NA-KD which is in a very good price and it is extremely nice. It fits with any kind of outfits, and gives a totally different look to you. In order to match it, and keep this outfit kinda classy, we would suggest you to wear a pair of high heels, and nothing more than the black Wagu Bootie from Steve Madden would make this outfit look better. You can shop them below in a very good price and you are ready to rock the day!

Have some fun today and do not forget to shop the outfit below:

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